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The role of Chief Talent Officer (CTO) continues to gain importance as organizational leaders recognize the need for a comprehensive and sustainable strategic approach to people, and a leader to design and execute a talent plan for generating effective mission-driven performance. As a relatively new C-level role, the path to becoming a CTO remains somewhat ambiguous. The explicit set of career experiences needed to effectively execute the responsibilities of the CTO role are diverse and evolving.

The CTO Program designed by George Mason Executive and Professional Education is uniquely positioned for those currently serving in a CTO role or on a career path to move into a CTO or similar C-level position. In partnership with the Mason CTO Advisory Council, the program was created to build the strategic capabilities of participants to act as futurists and business partners who anticipate and act on global, economic, and technological disruptions.

Participants who complete the five-month program will be prepared for a leadership role at the executive level, possessing the knowledge and skills to align with the organization’s business leaders, design an integrated talent strategy to attract, develop, retain, and advance the talent needed to meet the business objectives, sustain a productive workforce for the organization, and add significant value to the organization.

Apply now to build your leadership and career potential with this first-of-its kind program created specifically for CTO’s.